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Kitchen Remodeling

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1st Choice Kitchen & Bath has on it's cores values the commitment to satisfy the customer 100% on all stages of the project, from the estimate to the execution of the project. Our goal is to provide unmatched quality on our services with the most value.  

1st Choice Kitchen & Bath, is capable of performing countertops with mitered edges and waterfalls with returns not only with Neolith & Dekton but also with Marble, Quartzite and Granite. Our artisanship is recognized on the job that we execute.

Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling 
Shower Remodeling
Fireplace Remodeling
Shower Remodeling

We are ready to execute your Kitchen remodeling project no matter the size, our company has years of experience with all kinds os materials. 


We are specialized on Neolith, Dekton and Marble showers.


1st Choice Kitchen & Bath can execute all kinds of fireplaces projects, from classic granite and marble fireplaces to modern Neolith & Dekton. 

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