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Countertop Repair

Help with Countertop Repair

Having a chipped or damaged stone countertop is not only unsightly, but it can be dangerous too. Rough and exposed stone can cause cuts and injury if a person scrapes or moves alongside it. Plus, chipped natural stone is prime for staining which can permanently ruin your countertops. If your natural stone countertops are in need of countertop services for repair or replacement, trust the team at 1st Choice Kitchen & Bath. The comprehensive countertop services provided by 1st Choice Kitchen & Bath will leave your counters looking, and feeling, great.

As sturdy and durable as natural stone is, sometimes chips and cracks can occur. If you are in need of countertop repair services, the team at 1st Choice Kitchen & Bath is able to help. The team is happy to help with minor countertop repair projects to give your kitchen or bath a more finished look. Or, for larger repairs, the team is happy to offer a replacement that will blend seamlessly with your existing counters.

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