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Shower Remodeling

Update Your Home With Shower Remodeling

Throughout the home there are many opportunities for upgrades and updates. One of the best places to increase the value of your investment is the bathroom. Between a new vanity, new countertops, and shower remodeling, a home renovation project in the bathroom can make a big impact. Shower remodeling can be as large, or as small as you like. For large scale shower remodeling projects, the team is well versed in moving and rebuilding entire shower surrounds adorned with beautiful natural stone. For smaller shower remodeling projects, you can make a big impact in a small space, simply by updating dated tile with natural stone that glows. Not only is natural stone beautiful, but it is durable, long lasting, and only increases the overall value in your home.

For a full shower remodeling project, the possibilities are endless. A full shower can be quite expansive, including several different shower heads and features. One of the best ways to make a full shower stand out is to include luxurious natural stone. Not only can natural stone add a shine and sparkle unlike anything else, but stone has the ability to add luxury to an otherwise common space. From full shower surrounds, to detailed tile and mosaic work, the team at 1st Choice Kitchen & Bath can make your shower and bath dreams come true. Relax, enjoy, and increase the value in your home with an updated shower and bath. You deserve a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day, so update your bath with luxurious materials and finishes. Not only will you be happy with the final product, but your return on investment will skyrocket with increased value in your home.

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