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Granite Countertops

Benefits of Granite, Marble, and Quartz Countertops

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and usually where people end up spending the most amount of time. The kitchen is also a great selling feature, and upgrades done to the kitchen are always reflected in the final sales price. One of the most popular upgrades to the kitchen is to install natural stone countertops. Compared to the alternative, stone countertops have several benefits. The tried and true original, granite countertops, have several benefits associated with them. These countertops are durable, long lasting, heat resistant, and require very little maintenance. Granite countertops simply need to be sealed every few years in order to maintain their beauty and luster. Granite countertops are a popular choice because they are beautiful, and easy to clean and care for, often just requiring a quick wipe with warm, soapy water. Granite probably has the widest range of color options, including the whitest white, to the deepest and darkest black. Granite also has natural sparkle and veining that is beautiful and unique to each individual slab of stone.

Comparatively, marble countertops are also a very popular choice. Marble countertops are another natural stone option which has great variation and beauty similar to granite. Plus, marble countertops have a certain depth and luster, unlike any other stone. Similar to granite, marble is very easy to care for, but is slightly more porous than granite. This means that it is also durable, long lasting, and heat resistant, but also must be maintained more regularly in order to keep the shine and luster. Marble countertops are an excellent way to really make a statement in your kitchen, allowing you to go outside the grain and find a natural stone that is different and unique. Many people choose marble countertops because they are easy to maintain, and look beautiful for years on end with its classic shine and glow. Marble comes in many different color options with different color veining, allowing you to find just the right marble to match the rest of your home's decor.

Relatively new to the market is quartz. Technically speaking, quartz countertops are a composite material, man made by crushing quartz stone and combining it into a flat, usable surface. Quartz countertops continue to grow in popularity with each passing year because of their durability and strength. Quartz countertops are the most durable countertop option, and require little to no maintenance. Unlike granite or marble, quartz countertops do not need to be sealed in order to keep their luster. This incredibly durable countertop will continue to glow and sparkle with very little maintenance. Very durable, quartz countertops require very little clean up care. Simply use hot, soapy water to clean the surface. Quartz has a natural sparkle to it and is available in any number of color options and variations.

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